Palm Residence

We serve smiles.

Public Transport (Dhoani ferry)

Male to Rasdhoo
Monday and Thursday
Location: Villigili ferry at Male'
Time: 9:00am local time.
Duration: 3hr 20min

Rasdhoo to Male'
Sunday and Wednesday
Location: Rasdhoo harbour
Time: 11:00am local time.
Duration: 3hr 20 min

Charges: USD 5/-

Speed boat Ferry

Male to Rasdhoo
Location: Jetty no: 06 at Male'
Time: 10:30 am & 16:00 pm local time  (Week days except Friday)
Time on Fridays: 10:00am local time.
Duration: 1hr 20min

Rasdhoo to Male'
Location: Rasdhoo harbour
Time: 07:30 am & 13:00 pm local time.
Duration: 1hr 20 min

Charges: USD 40 /-
We offer private speed boat hire at the rate of USD 550/- per trip. (maximiun 18 person)

Resort speed boat:
Operates daily
Rasdhoo to Male' at 06:00am
Male to Rasdhoo at 08:30am
Price USD 65/- per person

Sea plane

Male' to Rasdhoo

Operates daily

Location: Ibrahim Nasir International Airport

Duration: 15 min

Rasdhoo to Male'

Operates daily

Location: Rasdhoo

Duration: 15 min

Charges: USD 260/-